Programs and Trainings

Programs and Trainings

“Be Your Own Anchor” Program 

To meet the growing demand for financial literacy among the disabled community, Anchor has developed the “Be Your Own Anchor” program. This program aims to provide comprehensive financial education through online and in-person sessions to a broad base of beneficiaries and other individuals with disabilities and their families across the nation.

The “Be Your Own Anchor” program focuses on imparting basic financial knowledge and skills, such as budgeting, bill paying, saving for emergencies, spending on fun purchases/experiences, and special needs planning for loved ones with disabilities. The program empowers participants with the knowledge and skills to maintain financial security and agency as they navigate the world. Through the program, participants will receive instruction on various financial tools, including Microsoft Excel, goal setting, and online banking. They will also be trained to identify fraud and predatory loan operations, along with learning about pooled and individual special needs trust, and government benefits.

The program has six key objectives: terminology understanding and application, practical financial skills development, understanding of delay of gratification and identification of needs vs wants, financial security, and digital literacy development, and understanding of trust and government benefits.

The “Be Your Own Anchor” program is a valuable resource for beneficiaries and the disabled community at large, offering participants the knowledge and skills they need to maintain agency as they navigate the world. If you are interested in the “Be Your Own Anchor” program, please fill out our contact form.

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